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How To Defeat Your African Dictator

Are you frustrated that so many fellow Africans do not see the dictatorial regime for who they are?

Are you tired of the politicians or so-called elites who make false promises or just focus on their own issues?

What if you could become such an effective nonviolent activist that you could defeat your oppressors and learn how to do this within 8 weeks through a simple, interactive and flexible programme?

The African Liberation Programme is specifically designed for committed nonviolent African activists at home or in diaspora, that are already trying to defeat their dictatorships (kept in power by neo-colonial donors). In the programme these activists are enabled to liberate themselves through peaceful revolution.

  • How would it feel when you were able to gain that first victory, next victory, then consistent victories against your oppressive dictatorship?
  • How powerful would it be when you connected that inner righteous fire to fight for the liberation of your people, with the strategies and tactics needed to defeat your dictator successfully?
  • Don’t you feel you are meant for more? That you have been given unique talents, that you have a role to play?
  • What if you discovered that inner hero inside of you, that could lead your fellow citizens into victory, that could overcome any fear?
  • What if you mastered the concept of peaceful revolution such as unity, nonviolence and strategic planning on the same level as Martin Luther King, Patrice Lumumba, Nelson Mandela or Kwame Nkrumah?
  • What if you have the potential to become the new Thomas Sankara in Burkina Faso, Ellen Johnson Sirlead in Liberia or Alaa Salah in Sudan? Don’t you feel you MUST that take opportunity when it was given you?

That and much more, all enabling you to defeat your African dictator, is what you will gain when you register for the African Liberation Programme. But before you register, let me share how it all started.

From completely broke to revolutionary

I first visited Uganda in 2011 and quickly connected to local student leaders. Together with two Ugandan co-founders we made the decision we needed to empower the African students, that could again empower their local communities. We worked hard and rose to success, but then the challenges started.

In 2014 a lot of accusations were made against the co-founder that was functioning as CEO, that he had become corrupt and abused his power. I had trusted him completely. So what to do, I was 24 years old, no experience. We had to push him out, but it was a terrible experience. I was completely demotivated.

Fortunately I could stay with my other co-founder. He had a lovely family with two twin daughters that I dearly loved. We ate delicious avacado and matooke every night. That time healed me, gave me back my motivation. I worked hard and managed to build momentum again, but as I was leaving and feared our dream would stagnate as the other co-founder had a full-time job. So I made the decision to pay the other co-founder from my own pockets, so he could get the time to make our dream a reality, of empowering African students. I was a poor student surviving on his student loan, but I realized back in the Netherlands I could raise the funds to make it happen.

It did not work. I was so broke and increasingly heavily in debt because I was giving all my money away to that co-founder. I had no energy left for fundraising. I was living in poverty and could barely pay for food. After a few months I started to hear accusations of the volunteers in our organization, that this other co-founder was not using the money to build the organization. He had bought a car and used it for self-enrichment. He denied all accusations and I had to trust him as I was in the Netherlands, so we continued 6 more months. By that time the accusations had grown so strong, I had no choice to accept he had become corrupt as well.

I was super demotivated. I had lost all my money to both these co-founders. I was heavily in debt. I lost hope for making a positive impact in Africa. But fortunately something important happened. I did not give up, I did not surrender, I started to reflect and read about corruption. I realized that what had happened to me had happened to so many others. That the corruption and power abuse was the symptom of something much bigger. I started to read a book a week on Africa’s history, economic, society and politics. I followed a bachelor and master studies on African Studies. I realized that so many of the things happening today in Africa, happened already during the colonial times. How much had really changed since colonial times?

I started to read the works of African revolutionaries, that already saw it. When the many African nations became independent, the local elites did not ABOLISH the colonial system, they ADOPTED it. That system was designed to ensure the control of the few over the many. This control was realized through making the African populations divided, dependent and ignorant. And that the only way out was a REVOLUTION.

So for years and years I specialized myself in how to organize successful revolutions, especially nonviolent revolutions, like those in India, Ghana, Tunisia. I followed courses of the renowned institutions in the world, I immersed myself in Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Reverent James Lawson. But also revolutionary Africans like Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Frantz Fanon, Amilcar Cabral, Steve Biko and Nelson Mandela. At the moment I am following the Master ‘Strategic Studies’ at the Royal Military Academy in the Netherlands, to sharpen my strategic skills to the highest level.

And most powerful of all. I connected to Ugandan activists. They gave me hope again, that change is possible. They inspired me so much, and pushed me harder so I could better serve them. I became involved in the Ugandan Revolution since 2014 and have been active ever since. While I first acted as strategist for political leaders, I realized it is the African activists that have most potential, when they become empowered, trained and transformed, they can achieve anything. After years of webinars and revolution masterclasses I realized inspiration and motivation alone does not lead to transformation. Only in-depth coaching could do that.

So that is exactly why I designed the African Liberation Programme. Many African activists have that beautiful righteous fire to RESIST their dictatorships. But often they still lack the insights of the correct strategies, tactics and the ability to influence their fellow Africans on a massive scale. In the programme they will learn all that expertise I have been building over the years. They will be transformed from committed activists to revolutionary heroes and heroines, leading their fellow Africans into victory.

But maybe you are thinking…

  • Will people even listen to me?
  • I am not a leader?
  • Who can I trust with so many spies and moles everywhere?
  • How can I follow a 8-week programme in my already too busy life?

And these are the exact same fears I had all those years ago. Who was I, a Dutch student, claiming to know something about the many African nations and it’s liberation? But I overcame that fear by still sharing my truths. And I started to realize that the TRUTH resonated. When I talked about the problems that I observed, people felt understood, even empowered. You are an activist because you want to help your fellow Africans and your truth will resonate with them more than you might imagine.

I found it very scary to become visible as I am not a public speaker. Every time I spoke in an audience the nerves kicked in. But I realized that when I stayed silent I could not help those that needed it. So I pushed through and even with the nerves, I started to get used to it. Initial uncomfortable action ALWAYS leads to personal growth.

As I told you in my story I had been betrayed and financially emptied by my two dearest friends and co-founders. It was difficult to re-find my trust. Especially in the fight against a powerful dictatorships with all his spies, moles and propaganda, I did not know to trust. But then I connected to those genuine activists. I found communities build of trust. And it made all the difference. Those communities of trust is exactly what you will find in the coaching programme as well.

We are all extremely busy, especially us activists that sacrifice so much of our time, energy and resources to help others. That is why the programme is as flexible as possible. You can watch all of it in your own free time, when it is best suited for you. You can spend as much time in it as your schedule allows you to do. But I warn you. It might be so powerful and transformational, you can’t wait to go ALL-IN as soon as you joined.

Think about it this way. How much would it be worth to you, if your 20 year old self had all the knowledge you have right now? What if you could get 2 hours to speak with your 20 year old self? What would you tell yourself, how life-changing could it be that that 20 year old self had all the knowledge you have today? Let me save you all those years of study and experiences of my life in the past decades, and function as a bridge to that knowledge within 8 weeks

I must also ask you.

  • What have the politicians or so-called elites done for you? How often did they gave you hope, made beautiful promises, only to focus on their self-enrichment and enjoy their lives?
  • What have you gained from these often rigged elections under your dictatorial rule? How are those too good to be true promises of wealth and freedom working for you?
  • How often have you already experienced burn-out, because you over sacrifice without victory? How often did you already lose hope because of consistent defeat of your people in their fight against the dictatorship?
  • How has it served you that you stayed silent, under the radar? How much missed potential did you experience because you kept studying solutions, instead of implementing them?

I have been coaching for years…

But this was just the tip of the iceberg. Free inspiration and motivation does not lead to transformation. For transformation you need consistent action. You need a coach who were in your place several years ago, that can help you become the revolutionary hero or heroine you were destined to be.

Are you ready to become a hero or heroine?

The African Liberation Programme is divided in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Preparation – From Activist to Revolutionary

First of all, we have to get clarity what we are fighting for. In the first 3 weeks and in phase I we follow Module 1 (Leadership) and Module 2 (Bravery). We find out who you are now, who do you want to be, why do you want this, and how you can bridge that gap. 

Phase II: Execution – Revolutionary Blueprint to Defeat your Dictator

Now that the preparation to YOU are over, we gain mastery of Peaceful Revolutions in Africa through Module 3 (Unity), Module 4 (Nonviolence) and 5 (Strategy). These take 3 weeks. After these models you have the same depth of insight as the Martin Luther King’s of this world. Learning comes best from action, so action-focused assignments will combine theory with practice.

Phase III: Momentum – An African Hero or Heroine Arises

In week 7 & 8 we focus on the preparation and implement of your own peaceful revolution campaigns with my strategic guidance and coaching. After the 8 weeks you will never be the same activist anymore. From now on, you will be ready to become a revolutionary hero or heroine. 

  • So if you are READY
  • If you are COMMITTED
  • If you want consistent VICTORY
  • If you are ready to reach your full POTENTIAL and become that revolutionary hero or heroine

Then register below. There are two options:

  1. You live in Africa. In that case registration for the challenge costs €25. Until 19 September for €10!

To SPONSORS. Maybe you love the idea, but you do not have the time at the moment to join the African Liberation Programme. In that case consider to sponsor a local African activist (I have many local activists in my network who are super excited to join, but do not have the registration fee). When you sponsor click the button below and send me a personal message on

2. You live in the diaspora, or are a friend of the African population. In that case registration for the challenge costs €50. Until 19 September for €25!

After these 8 weeks, you will feel:

  • More awake than ever before
  • Empowered by the expert knowledge of peaceful revolution
  • Deeply connected to that inner righteous fire and how to use it
  • Connected to fellow super committed African activists
  • Confident that you have a powerful role to play
  • Able to use your new strategical insights to defeat your dictator

If you do not like the African Liberation Programme, you will get your guaranteed money back within 30 days, no questions asked. This is because I am absolutely sure I will not only meet your expectations, but over-commit and create priceless value in that transformation to a revolutionary hero or heroine.

10% of each programme will go to either those most in need suffering from hunger, or the impoverished African activists to finance materials for their strikes, protests or boycotts.

And only for those that join before 29 August there is a special gift. The best transformation from activist to revolutionary hero or heroine wins a cash prize, up to €2000 (dependent on participants). It starts with €75 up to 50 participants, to €2000 with 1600 participants. Only in this first programme will the prizes be that high.

Remember what Albert Einstein said:

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

Now is the time to DECIDE. Will you remain where you are, or are you going realize your FULL potential as a revolutionary hero or heroine?

Cast your doubt aside and click on the button below:



After payment we will contact you. In this message you will be informed how you can join the closed Facebook group for the challenge (only visible for participants). Fill in the control question when joining the group. After we checked your control question you will be allowed in the secret group. If you want to keep your identity recommended (especially those in Africa on the frontline, it can be wise to create and use an anonymous Facebook account to protect your identity). I will never share identities unless given permission – the safety of each participant is my first priority. 

Time left until registration!



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