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Life can be a wonderful adventure.

As much freedom and as little oppression as possible. This is why Sankara Revolutions exists. I have been developing this community to make this feeling possible for all. You do not need anybody to save or liberate you. You can liberate yourself. I help you to become your own liberator, by inspiring you to take small practical steps. Because in small practical steps, anything is possible.

Who am I?

I am Erik van der Zanden, born in 1990. I am born and raised in Delft, where I still live (my ancestors have been living in Delft since 1700). I am engaged to the love of my life: Vera.

Besides writing for Sankara Revolutions (since 2021) and serving people in liberating themselves I am passionate about adventure, strategic games and painting miniatures.

My personal code is that of Spartan Law, iron discipline. I wake up daily at 05:00 AM, do regular exercises and eat healthy.

What I do

On Sankara Revolutions I share insights. I love to transform complex ideas into simple stories. I gain my inspiration from my surroundings, books, personal life lessons, observation, philosophy and activism in the Ugandan Revolution. 

My hypothesis is that Africans never needed to be saved. Nobody besides themselves are going to liberate them. Through hundreds of years of colonial demonization, many Africans have lost their self-worth or even awareness of their own glorious and wealthy  history. I hope to make all aware about their real potential.

My work

My mission is clear. A free, peaceful and prosperous Africa. That will only be possible when African youth become their own liberators and finally abolish the colonial system that enables dictators to remain in power.

Since 2022 this website is my part-time occupation. I will earn my income through developing inspirational online courses. All of them will activists to liberate themselves.

Besides the website I am finalizing my book – The Unfinished RevolutionSomething that has always inspired me greatly, is the speech from Charlie Chaplin in the movie The Great Dictator. You can watch it in the video below:

Where you can start

Do you want to get to work directly to liberate yourself? Join the Sankara Revolutions newsletter to receive a weekly reminder that freedom is a possibility. In these newsletters I share compact doses of insights in how to liberate yourself.

Erik van der Zanden

Founder of Sankara Revolutions. His mission is to help Africans living under oppression to liberate themselves. Follow Erik on:


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