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Vacancy Research Internship: Find out how to nonviolently defeat the Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni
Vacancy Research Internship: Find out how to nonviolently defeat the Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni
Vision for the Ugandan economy
Vision for the Ugandan economy
Why is Africa still poor?
Why is Africa still poor?
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Why Sankara?

A life without fear. The ability to take care of your loved ones when they are sick. Freedom to express your thoughts without being brutally arrested, tortured or even killed. Space to breathe and connect, to pursue your dreams. All of this, is possible when you liberate yourself from oppression.

And the only thing you need to achieve this, are the knowledge and skills to liberate yourself.

The revolutionary Thomas Sankara from Burkina Faso had a dream: Freedom, peace and prosperity for all Africans. We are here to pursue that dream.

Africa is not (yet) free

90% of countries on the African mainland are either ‘partly free’ or ‘unfree’. This means that the majority of Africans are oppressed by authoritarian regimes. Oppression is not limited to the African continent. All over the world African diaspora face discrimination and marginalization just because of their skin. But, it can be different. Through campaigns of peaceful revolutions power can be returned to the people

Status of Freedom

Currently only several countries have a country page when you click on it. Over time all countries will get devoted pages with blogs. Every country has a freedom value 1 to 100 and is either free, partly free or unfree. The values are annually determined by the democracy watchdog organization Freedom House.

What do we do?

Sankara Revolutions develops knowledge products about peaceful revolution in Africa. We believe that through education, we can empower you to liberate yourself. We write blogs, newsletters, books and online courses, all to help you to break free from oppression. In future, Sankara might add workshops, seminars and academies.

“We aim to create new Thomas Sankara’s everyday.” 

For whom?

Sankara was created to serve activists that want to liberate themselves from oppression. We believe in enabling the vanguards, who again enable the masses. Furthermore, we welcome all that are interested in peaceful revolution in Africa, such as academics, policy makers and idealists. 

Join us in this age of resistance. We will no longer accept tyrannical rule in Africa, and take back control.

New blogs

Sankara Revolutions helps revolutionary readers to liberate themselves with practical tips and inspirational products.

The first Sankara Revolution book – by Erik van der Zanden.

‘The Unfinished Revolution’

Colonialism never ended, it just changed. Discover how Africa became underdeveloped and how until this day a colonial system keeps the African nations oppressed. Furthermore, explore how you can use powerful ideas of peaceful revolutions to awake, unite, build and liberate your nation


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