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Join the struggle

We believe in ‘Unity in Diversity’. The only way to achieve love, truth, freedom, dignity and justice for all is if we transform all dictatorships into democracies. This is the only viable path towards global peace. At Sankara we believe that we can Light up the Darkness. Do you want to nonviolently fight the Darkness (violence, fear, ignorance) as well?

Then join the struggle today!

University circles

Throughout history students have been the revolutionary vanguards in almost all revolutions. This is because their time at universities is truly a transformative experience. Full of hope, vision, creativity and youthful genius – they believe that it is them that can make this world a better place. And they are absolutely right.

So what do you choose, young leaders of this world?

In case you want to fight, an ideal way is to start or join a Sankara circle in your university. In that case, you can send an email to and join the global movement. Amor vincit Omnia, or in other words: Love conquers All.

Alternative circles

There are countless other groups that have been historically revolutionary or have the potential to become revolutionary. Do you have an idea for starting a Sankara circle somewhere else than an university? Outstanding! Please send an email to