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For activists

There are millions of activists fragmented in thousands of nonviolent movements. Fortunately, attempts are being made to unite all active citizens in order to share strategies, operations, tactics and other inspirational stories. This forum, known as the Temple of Resistance, is one of such attempts.

For scholars

Crucial institutions such as the Albert Einstein Foundation, Freedom House, International Center for Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), CANVAS, Nonviolence International, Rhize, and much more, have funded and mobilized scholars to deeper understand peaceful revolutions. Often, these scholars tend to become an activist themselves (action-researcher). We hope that this forum can bring both worlds together.

For strategists

All conflict is either won or lost through strategy. Currently, too few strategists involve themselves with peaceful revolutions. Most are engaged within violent wars employed by their governments. Unfortunately, this might mean that their genuine talents are wasted for (sometimes immoral) national interests, instead in service of the common people and their well-being. This forum invites strategists and intelligence experts to share their skills with activists. It aims to bridge both the peace and war theoretical disciplines into the new field of peaceful revolutions.