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Unfortunately there are no current job openings. You can register for the weekly newsletter to be the first to know when a position opens.


We offer bachelor and master students non-paid research internships.

This might be the coolest internship you will ever do, as your findings will be directly used in our current peaceful revolution strategies. You can focus on the enemy or the population.


You will be studying one or multiple dictatorships, their armies and police forces, and ways how to encourage their defection to nonviolent movements. This is in particular interesting for students interested in intelligence, war studies or conflict studies.


Maybe you are less interested in intelligence of the opponent, but in peace and how to make active citizens maintain nonviolent discipline. In this case you will dive deeply in the culture, language, society, economy and politics of a certain population. This is ideal for anthropologists and political or international relations scientists.

Interested? Please send us an email on


Even though we currently do not have paid positions available, you might be so excited to nonviolently fight dictators in your free time, that you want to volunteer. Sankara believes every individual has useful skills & talents, worthy of dignity and encouragement.

Want to use your free time to strive towards world peace, for example by starting a Sankara circle in your city? Then send an email to