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Our maps (under construction)

On this page you will find an overview of the social-political situations of all countries in the world. This page is currently under construction and will need a lot of extra research before it will be complete. Currently, we have only build the African map, which shows the freedom ratings of 2022. The others will soon be updated.

The idea for this page comes from the organization Freedom House, who are the authority on the levels of democracy in the world. Every year they share the level of freedom of each country with detailed insight on the state of democracy. Please check out their insightful map here.

We follow Freedom House in the status and freedom number they give countries, the descriptions are our own. The difference between both maps is that our maps are not focused on the state of democracy, but information on how to nonviolently defeat national dictatorships.

Our analysts and interns will explore the strengths & weaknesses of all dictatorships and the heroic populations that are fighting their regimes. The goal of this page is that activists, scholars and strategists can easily find crucial insights for their visions, strategies and tactics.


Mother Africa, the source of all life. The 1.216 billion Africans are one of the most oppressed populations on earth, with 90% countries considered to not be free.

Therefore, it is also the source of peaceful revolutions. The first recorded event of nonviolent resistance was in the 17th century BC, where two African women Sifra and Pua resisted the Egyptian Pharao. Until today, it has remained the most active hotbed for nonviolent movements. On all daily basis inspirational acts of resistance take place.


4752 billion Asians live in the largest continent on earth. Like Africa, the majority of countries are considered to not be free.

South America

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Northern America

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