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Africa is rich

    Africa is rich

    Africa has always been a rich and progressive continent. Long before Europe developed in most areas Africa was already wealthy. However, this ended with the Trans-Atlantic slave-trade, starting military-political revolutions made the export of slaves the sole economic model and a zero-sum game (you either win or you lose).

    The Great Stagnation

    This transformation in 1525 started the Great Stagnation of Africa, to which situation it led right now. It is my expectation that when Africa finish their unfinished revolution, they will end their Great Stagnation and become the most wealthy and progressive of all continents (Mother Africa) again.

    Trade routes

    Before the slave trade states and zero-sum game, it was Africa’s trade that flourished everywhere. Especially around its great rivers, and the Saharan ‘sea’ where gold and salt (but also slaves) was traded. Did you all know that America was already visited by African traders long before Columbus ‘discovered’ it?


    One more inspirational thing. While American and Australian populations were wiped out and replaced with white European societies, Africa survived all that slavery and misery, and is still essentially African. This shows the extreme resilience and strength of Africans in general.

    What is needed, is the Unfinished Revolution, changing the system underneath the dictatorships. Without destroying the system underneath, African leaders will get corrupted over time as well.

    First of its kind

    That is why the Ugandan revolution must be first of its kind. We are not changing a regime, we are transforming a system and building something Africa has not seen since 1525.

    Erik van der Zanden

    Founder of Sankara Revolutions. His mission is to help Africans living under oppression to liberate themselves. Follow Erik on:

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