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How to upgrade communications

    How to upgrade communications
    High communication efficiency means that there is minimal delay when tactics are assigned, and coordinated activity are less likely to run into trouble.
    10: Digital mobile phones, instant messaging
    7-9: Cell phone and email
    4-6: Telephone and telegram
    1-3: Postal mail
    0: Face to face only
    Communication security is also crucial to prevent adversaries to disrupt or gain access to it.
    10: strong crypto used on all electronic and voice communication, hard drives regularly swapped and reformatted, codes used for all written messages, strict protocol observed for all meetings. Cell-like organization structure where no one can betray more than 2-3 others. Extensive use of code names for people
    7-9: most communication encrypted, good password security, written messages coded, strategy meetings staked out and kept small
    4-6: unsecured voice and email, hard drive passwords rarely changed, only simple codes, face-to-face minimal variation
    1-3: Wide use of email lists, no encoding written communication, face-to-face
    0: No measures taken

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