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How to organize revolutionaries

    How to organize revolutionaries

    In this post I delve into an idea how to organize all those that conduct peaceful combat with the forces of the oppressor.

    All potential protesters/revolutionaries can organize themselves in circles. These circles become the basic unit of the protests, called SQUADS. Each squad has 8 to 12 members, of which one is elected the leader. It should be known to all who is his second in command, able to take the lead directly (thus sufficiently trained by the commander) the moment the commander falls away either by arrest or death. 

    Squads are the basic unit in the revolution, and able to conduct most operations isolated from the remaining force. A squad should never be broken up, remaining united. Each squad has one political advisor, one medic and one camera man. The political advisor enlightens the rest of the squad about ideologies, politics, and the vision for the future. The medic knows how to treat most diseases and wounds, offers first aid. The camera one makes sure all overt actions are recorded and uploaded on the internet to inform the people. Each squad is named as first, second, third or fourth squad of platoon ‘..’.

    Three to four squads make up a PLATOON, of 30 to 40 persons. Each platoon has a commander and official second in command. Each platoon has its own name, preferable to heroes of Africa and non-violent revolution. Every commander is supported by groups of Intelligentsia providing logistics, medical and intelligence department. These are the tactical units, able to coordinate their squads to victory.

    Three to six platoons make up a COMPANY, of 100 to 150 persons. Each company has a commander and official second in command. This is the strategic unit in the struggle, coordinating well with the commander in chief, and the main unit in a district. The commander is both the face as the head of the revolutionary nucleus in this area.

    The results of organizing the population is self-defense units are that people become organized, vigilant, brave, democratic and self-reliant. Effects for the enemy is that he loses intelligence over People Power plans, can no longer deceive or intimidate the people, loses its legitimacy and eventually control.

    It is important that commanders are elected, to nurture democracy in the population. Power should come from the bottom, from the people, from the activists. When power comes from the leaders, from the top, you nurture dictators. When a commander misbehaves or does not act in the interests of the people, he or she should be hold accountable or sacked.

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