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In preparation of peaceful protest

    In preparation of peaceful protest

    Under the leadership of Kizza Besigye and Patrick Oboi Amuriat protests and demonstrations have been prepared the Ugandan population for the peaceful revolution. Bobi Wine has joined and also opened eyes of the people, starting a second Walk to Walk uprising tomorrow. In this post I would like to give a bit more insight in how peaceful revolutions go on strategic level. I do this to awake Ugandans on how close they are already to freedom.
    There are three phases:

    1. Revolutionary Vanguard – Survival
    2. Continued Defiance – Building Mass
    3. Final Push – National Uprising


    Phase I

    The first phase starts with the revolutionary vanguard and can be started with a small group. The most important aspect is of survival, forming the group and party to awaken the people. By survival and symbolic acts of non-violent defiance, experience will be gained, confidence will be built both with the revolutionaries and the people, and the legitimacy of the dictator and his regime is damaged. This usually takes a long time.

    Phase II

    The second phase is the continued pressure and defiance towards the dictatorship. This is the phase the people should start using defiance, demonstration and economic tactics on their own, without supervision of the revolutionaries that lead by example. Focus is placed on generating mass, enlightening the masses, building alliances in society and building democratic habits and institutions. It is in the second phase, the new nation is already being transformed, ready to fill in the power vacuum after the final push. If this is not done, there is a great risk towards other more organized groups hijacking the revolution, maintaining the status quo.

    Phase III

    The definitive blow is capturing a physical place, like a square, or walking in great masses with such a critical mass, that it cannot be removed. This is the final phase of non-violent warfare.

    Tomorrow, IF the FDC and People’s Government join Bobi Wine and People Power in their Walk to Work protests, there is a big chance this could be the final push. If the youth can go offline, and on the streets to show national defiance, the power of the dictator, which survives on compliance and fear, will crumble daily. 

    Erik van der Zanden

    Founder of Sankara Revolutions. His mission is to help Africans living under oppression to liberate themselves. Follow Erik on:

    Picture by Vlad Tchompalov


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