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Local governance

    Local governance

    The colonial system has always been stronger in the rural areas. Colonial regimes tried to govern the rural areas through indirect rule, through traditional leaders. In this as much dependency as possible was created. It was an autocratic system. Therefore it is crucial that the system of dependency is transformed to a democratic alternative. The rural populations must be made as self-reliant as possible.

    Decentralized power

    Local governance offers the revolutionaries the alternative for dismantling the colonial system. Local governance ensures that the power is centralized among the common populations, and thus decentralized for the central governments. The fundamental organization for consensus based decision making of these democratic governments is through the general assembly. This is a common assembly where all members of the community can ask general questions and debate on matter through votes. These assemblies appoint local committees to lead activities to their best efforts. These committees must be inclusive.

    Boards and committees

    The boards and committees must take responsibility for a large amount of local activities. Such as taking care of the local security and social services, and helping with the public administration and communicating national policies. In the rural and urban areas the local democratic councils must become the most important centers of political power. For practical ends the local democratic councils became the building stones for a reformed state apparatus. Within this they collaborate and reinforce the national government. To achieve this, power must be decentralized and institutionalized among the local councils.

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