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Vision for the Ugandan economy

    Vision of Tomorrow - Economy in Uganda

    At the moment we liberate Uganda and replace dictatorship with democracy, we need to have vision how to build the free Uganda. Our goal is always freedom, peace & prosperity.
    I believe focus is crucial, often a trinity helps in deciding what areas are most promising for prosperity. Based on Uganda’s natural resources and comparative advantages I believe this could be the most promising economic pillars for prosperity.

    Priorities for prosperity

    1. Industrialized Agriculture
      Uganda can become the food basket of it’s region due to it’s favorable climate. It should not limit itself to producing raw materials or mono-products, but inciting upgrades in the value chain at all levels (organic industrialization) while ensuring food security as a basis. There is a huge regional demand and thus market for Uganda’s agriculture.
    2. Energy
      Uganda is blessed with powerful rivers, oil reserves and opportunities for wind and sun energy. It can become a major energy exporter to the region and these natural advantages Uganda offers to energy production also greatly enhances a potential third pillar.
    3. ICT
      Uganda is one of the most populated countries of Africa with a vast telecommunication service industry. It can be one of the most innovative ICT countries in the world. It is blessed with crucial ICT minerals copper, cobalt and gold. Due to it’s energy potential it can power it’s ICT industry and compete with Silicon valley. The beautify of ICT is that it is ideally suited to capitalize on the enormous creativity, energy and vision of Uganda’s youth. Connect these to the ICT industry by training starting at primary education and it’s result will quickly explode.
    Trade in general
    Uganda has a very strategic geographic position as the bridge between the vast riches of Congo and the ports of Kenya. It has the potential to become the central trabing hub between Central and Northern Africa and the ports of Eastern Africa.

    Priorities of state investment

    1. Health
      To enable it’s vigorous and youthful population it must focus on it’s first plight, the health of it’s citizens.
    2. Education
      To enable the Ugandan Miracle the most precious resource, Uganda’s youth must be quickly skilled into productive and creative paths.
    3. Infrastructure
      To become the central trading hub and greatly increase the effectiveness of the (industrialized) agricultural sector the revolutionary Ugandan state must focus it’s resources on effective modern infrastructure that is build to last.
    I am quite confident that within decades we can make Uganda a prosperous nation where nobody needs to die from hunger. First we need to fight the nonviolent struggle against the oppressors, afterwards it will be decades of hard labour – yet it will be all worth it. It will be known as the ‘Ugandan Miracle.’ When we are all old mzee’s we celebrate with a Nile Special in the glorious sunset known that we have lived a life well lived. We will die knowing that we left the world a better, more free, peaceful and prosperous place for our children.

    Source picture: UNHCR 


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